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Pontifical Swiss Guard Presents - The Vatican Cookbook

Acclaimed by major media outlets worldwide as “magnificent”
“a beautiful masterpiece,” and “nothing short of divine.”

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“The only thing cooler than actually enjoying a meal with Pope Francis is making one of personal favorite dishes at home — and with the upcoming Vatican Cookbook, you can do just that.”
People MagazinePeople Magazine
“Holy Ravioli! Cookbook reveals the Vatican’s favorite recipes … hard not be enchanted.”
“Pope Francis once said he wished he could spend a day as an ordinary person and go get a pizza without being recognized. After reading the new The Vatican Cookbook though, you may wish you could spend a day as Pope Francis to enjoy the delicacies gracing his dinner table.”
Huffington PostHuffington Post
“It’s going to be a big year for cookbooks, with anticipated releases coming from giants like Anthony Bourdain and Marcella Hazan. And we’ve just learned of an upcoming cookbook that focuses on a different sort of icon: the Pope. The Vatican Cookbook, written by the Swiss Guard…”
Food & Wine MagazineFood & Wine Magazine
“Want to eat like a pope? A cookbook featuring dishes eaten at the Vatican is set to be released in the U.S.on April 5th. In The Vatican Cookbook, readers learn that Pope Francis is fond of Argentine dishes, Pope Benedict is partial to Bavarian sausage salad and Pope John Paul II enjoyed Polish pierogi…”
Yahoo NewsYahoo News
“This one-of-a-kind book features over a hundred full-color photographs, beautiful behind-the-scenes shots of daily life at the Vatican and more, making this gorgeous cookbook nothing short of divine.”
Book DepositoryBook Depository
“Now you can eat like His Holiness without taking a trip to Rome, because The Vatican Cookbook will be available on April 5, and includes 500 years of classic recipes, papal tributes, and exclusive art and images of life at The Vatican.”
“The coolest Pope ever is getting his own cookbook! The Vatican Cookbook by the Swiss Guard includes directions for meals from “everyday staples to holiday feasts” and “classics served at Vatican tables for centuries.”
Inquisitive EaterInquisitive Eater
“Now you can eat like His Holiness without taking a trip to Rome, because the Vatican has released The Pontifical Swiss Guard presents The Vatican Cookbook, originally published in 2014, but will be released for the first time in English on April 5, 2016 in the U.S. and Canada.”
The Daily MealThe Daily Meal
“In addition to shedding light on the types of meals eaten by the Swiss Guard – elite soldiers who protect the pope and the Vatican – co-author David Geisser dishes on the favorite dishes of the last three popes.”
House & LeisureHouse & Leisure
“A cookbook would not be complete without full-color and glossy images, and Vatican photographer Katarzyna Artymiak delivers with larger-than-life, mouth-watering photos.”
National Catholic ReporterNational Catholic Reporter
“The Pontifical Swiss Guard presents … a book like no other … The Vatican Cookbook.”
Sunrise MarianSunrise Marian
“Marking the first Vatican cookbook in 2,000 years, this effort led by chef David Geisser has received quick critical acclaim.”
Flavorful WorldFlavorful World
“While he’s beloved around the world, the true life of Pope Francis remains enigma to most. But now some of that mystique is slightly unveiling — thanks to a cookbook issued by the Pontifical Swiss Guard. Slated for an April release, The Vatican Cookbook will be published in English by Sophia Institute Press and includes some of the Pope’s favorite dishes.”

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