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David Geisser – The Swiss Guard Chef

David Geisser

Swiss Guard chef, David Geisser, is the lead contributing author and the driving culinary force for The Vatican Cookbook. Known as “The Prodigal Chef” in Switzerland, David had his first cookbook bestseller at 18, when his high school term paper was published as Around the World in 80 Recipes. At 22, he scored a second hit with Through the Seasons, written with superstar chef, Stephan Wunderlich. With his career soaring. David set it all aside to volunteer for a tour of duty with the Swiss Guard, as his father and ancestors had done before him. Service in the Pontifical Swiss Guard has been a tradition for centuries among the finest families of Switzerland.

David heard about the project in development: a modest public relations booklet to promote the Swiss Guard and encourage enlistment among the best and brightest of young Swiss men. David suggested a cookbook format to make it more appealing to a wide audience and Guard officials quickly agreed, assigning David to lead the project. The book was enhanced with exclusive recipes, fine photographs, tributes to the Popes and legendary stories of the Guard. The first edition was hailed in worldwide media as “an instant classic” and sold out in less than 2 weeks in October, 2014. The American edition has been supplemented with special sections featuring Pope Francis and the fine art of the Vatican, and is scheduled for release in April, 2016.

David Geisser arrives in New York on April, 10, 2016 for a coast-to-coast U. S. tour as spokesman/ chef/ co-author of The Vatican Cookbook.

Pope Francis and David Geisser


David Geisser

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